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Manufacturer's Rep Agency

We actually do what we say we're going to do.  We gain market-share for the manufacturers that we represent.   

  • Digital Marketing Agency Division "in house"
  • High Speed Tenacious Veteran Consultative Sales Force
  • No Long Term Contracts Required
  • Trade Show Support
  • Active Lifestyle Products Industry



Every team member of our Manufacturers Rep Agency Division of Wolf was hand selected and brought into the organization because of their proven, historical selling capabilities.  We make the calls, build relationship equity, and grow revenue and market-share for the manufacturers we represent through Distribution, Retailers or Direct to Consumer if our Digital Marketing Division is engaged as well.  We are very unique compared to any other Manufacturer's Rep Agency, as most that I know of doesn't have a full time Digital Marketing Agency operating within the same company.  With the compliments of an in-house Digital Marketing Agency along with an aggressive Direct Sales Agency Arm, we know we will be successful. 


Here at Wolf, we truly understand your passion for the outdoors and why active lifestyle is important. With our team of outdoors and active lifestyle sales professionals, it is more than just doing business, we actually live out our lives in a lifestyle that encompasses the products we represent.


With over 130 years of combined experience, we are committed to the outdoor and active lifestyle industries and commit all that we have to deliver elite client experiences and ultimate goal success.  We operate in a KPI environment and since we don't do ANY "Long Term Contracts", if we do our job, we will retain and continue within the partnership with our clients.  We don't believe this makes us vulnerable because if we do what we agree to do, then there is very little risk of losing our partners. We build long lasting, lifetime friendships between our clients, distributors, and retailers.  We like it that way, as products, companies and business will carry on long as us, but we'll have the most important thing from it...Relationships.

If you're looking for just a Rep Agency Sales Program for certain states or if you would like to take advantage our the entire Sales & Marketing Package, we can help.  We will help you get your products to the right target audiences. Wolf commits to increasing your monthly revenue, improving SKU turns, gaining significant market-share and will provide significant return on your investment with our company. 



We will be partners for the long haul.  We are flexible and work as a true partner.  We understand economic impacts that in many cases are not controllable.  But, we work in a world of creativity and we use all tools that we have available to us to help our partners overcome such challenges.  From the beginning, our focus has been to provide the highest level of sales and service to the manufacturers we represent and our partner distributors and retailers. Combined, we leverage many years of sales experience, industry contacts and relationships throughout the United States. 

We are now excitingly prepared to support ALL 50 States! And, the country of Mexico!

Teamwork is crucial. Our team are all enthusiasts of many specialized industries and we bring innovative and creative perspectives.  We use the gear and equipment we sell.  


To provide our partners with great analytics and status of target markets and customers, we all utilize the same CRM, Sales Automation Software and Communication platforms.  We are continually seeking new ways to enhance our back-office systems and operations in order to have a culture of continuous improvement for our client partners.

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