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New Antimicrobial Intellectual Property that will change the world forever!

Our greatest venture yet and our future generations are depending on it!  We here at Wolf Venture Partners, Ltd. are extremely excited to share unprecedented opportunities surrounding the Intellectual Property of an antimicrobial solution set that converts client’s products into a self-sanitizing product with 100% efficacy. This will literally change the world for the better and our team want to discuss with you how this works with your own product(s).


Our partner company has developed a novel, organic, polymer-based, antimicrobial additive than can be compounded into many different commodity materials.  We would like to make your actual products into a self-sanitizing product.  We have successfully integrated this technology into several commodity polymers which include Nylon, PP, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PS, PVC, TPE, TPU, latexes and leathers.  This antimicrobial additive can be employed in end-uses applications such as extruded tubing and films, to plastic injected molded components and coatings which include healthcare and commercial building paints, etc.  Product solutions are being developed daily to create other opportunities for this solution.


This technology is especially favorable in a time when Antibiotics are fast falling out of place as super-bugs become commonplace. You'll hear about antimicrobial this and antimicrobial that.  Most of these antimicrobial properties are derived through the addition of metal ions which can include copper or silver. There are already several known cases of resistance to copper and silver materials not to mention the performance of these materials diminishes with time. In comparison to our technology, someone have to stand over their product and continuously spray it with Bleach.  Their products fails to be obtain the argument to make public health claims and they fall well short due to performance, environmental and health risk factors. Another option often offered includes the addition of small molecule quats or silane additives which have the unfortunate effect of plasticizing the bulk material, yielding poor mechanical performance and leading to premature failure.


Our proprietary technology utilizes naturally antimicrobial moieties packaged together in long chain polymers which accomplishes two things;


  1. Locally concentrates biocidal moieties to levels far exceeding bacterial tolerance


   2. Creates a molecular architecture far too large to easily leach from a substrate, and in the same way, too large to pass bio-relevant barriers (such as     the blood-brain barrier) a problem common to many analogous technologies. The comparatively large hydrodynamic size, married with the relatively     low concentrations required to obtain pathogen kill efficacy, mean materials compounded with our proprietary additive comes at negligible changes       in bulk material mechanical performance.   


Our solution set has demonstrated bacterial and viral efficacy kill rates exceeding 99.9999% in a variety of plastic materials and coatings, as well as many other materials. This trend extends not only to bacteria and virus test cultures, but also to established biofilms which are known to be the cause of persistent infections in patients, such as catheters for example. Based on the bactericidal efficacy demonstrated, and *confirmed by third-party test facilities, and the acute and chronic toxicity results of the additive, we expect to be the very first antimicrobial technology EVER capable of making public health claims for a variety of plastic and coating applications. We have also proven data that our solution works against COVID-19, which we are very excited for.  We are proud to announce that our solution now carries an EPA Public Health Claim as a "self-sanitizing" antimicrobial vinyl. 


    Let's talk and explore how we make your product antimicrobial.

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