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So, if you're looking to acquire a business that brings synergy to your existing business, or looking to penetrate the U.S market through acquisition,  the Wolf team can help.

In helping your company with "Targeted Acquisition Services", we perform dedicated searches to find the right targets, qualify those targets based on your goals and requirements.  We establish contact and begin the process of building a pipeline for companies that are primed and ready to be considered for eventual acquisition. 


Our process turns up options that open the doors for due diligence discussions and we will work as a partner all the way to the closing table.  Our cost structure is typically a small percentage of the negotiated sale price.  If we don't build you a strong pipeline, establish relationship equity with the sellers, and successfully help bring deals to the closing table, we don't get paid.  Upfront work is on us and we feel this is not only a motivator but also a differentiator.

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