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Wolf is uniquely qualified,

and extraordinarily passionate

about making a positive impact for your business. 


How did Wolf evolve?

Our very DNA is built on building business.

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Direct Sales & Digital Marketing Agency

We are the very first Agency that offers two very distinct, but very complimentary divisions in-house.  We have manufacturers products that we represent throughout the U.S.  We also have clients that only utilize our digital marketing team capabilities.  The strongest partnerships that drive the greatest results, hire Wolf for the Digital Marketing Services as well as allowing our Direct Sales Services to be deployed throughout the country.  We grew into this unique position, but we have learned that our full program approach for manufacturers deliver outstanding results.  Are you tired of status quo? Are you tired of your Rep Agencies cashing checks and not growing revenue?  Are you tired of spending money for Marketing Agencies just to be told that things are great because you have more visitors on your website?  Well, that's not enough.  Our company delivers conversions.  We grow revenue for your company.  Isn't that the point anyway?  This is what makes up our unique business DNA. We've been there.  Exactly where you are within our own businesses.


We started our journey out and wanted to use our unique "consultative sales" approach to help companies take their products to market outside of the traditional selling techniques.  We were the outsourced consultative sales arm consisting of a team of savvy new business development hunters that brought in new revenue.  We started digital marketing efforts as we saw the trends of new fast moving strategies for growth.  We loved the idea of having a 24 hour sales person operating constantly helping our team create fresh opportunities for our clients.  So, we tried and failed and worked hard to acquire the necessary skills to be successful in doing it.   In the beginning,  we tried hiring "digital marketing firms", but realized that most other companies didn't care nearly as much about our business than we did.  Our strategy was to learn how to do it ourselves. 


Building an internal team to manage all aspects of sales and marketing was a lot of fun.  It came with it's challenges, but we quickly realized that we were getting very good.  Staying ahead of industries, trends, and challenges within certain verticals allowed us to develop and grow.  We knew the what, how, timing, tools, markets, strategies, etc. and picked up many "best practices" along the way.  We were having so much success, we were asked to offer our team up to help a couple of other companies with their digital marketing for their businesses.  We had the bandwidth to do this and all it did was make us better and help them with their business as well.  This was a win.  It didn't take long to make the decision to restructure our business model and add the Digital Marketing Division in order to help other companies do what we actually did for our own business and began helping our partners.  We starting consulting new clients with Consultative Selling Strategies and how to go to market in ways that develop faster closes, in conjunction with attrition reduction.  We continue to represent manufacturers products as a powerful sales force through different states, but Digital Marketing services is a great stand alone service or a very complimentary value add to help drive revenue through the manufacturers rep agency side of our business.    


Today, It's extremely rewarding to become an extension of the team for our clients and different ourselves completely from other Manufacturers Rep Agencies.  We can grow business directly as a sales arm with people in the field or we can manage all of your Digital Marketing needs.  Today, we operate in full force with both service offerings of direct sales rep coverage for states within the U.S. and digital marketing services for many of our clients.  With some very large global strategic clients, we are their company's "Outsourced CMO" and "Outsourced Direct Sales Force" delivering high value solutions at an extremely reasonable cost model.  We would love to discuss all of our offers with your company to explore.  We are here to help, so let's start somewhere... 

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